We understand! Traveling is already difficult and we don’t want to add to that. Tell us in advance about your pet. We need to know the type, breed, and weight. We work with many properties and all of them have different policies.
Many things to consider when choosing an apartment with a pet include the floor level of the apartment, location of pet areas, and the regulations of the property. Give us that information up front so we can best fit you and this very special member of your family with the best information to make your decision.
Our properties require a $300 pet “fee”. This fee is for the privilege of having a pet on the property and does not cover any damages. 

Please keep that in mind when leaving your pet in the apartment or when choosing a pet after moving in. Knowing this information helps us to make sure that you and your pet have a positive experience with us. Be mindful of neighbors and test your pet in the apartment alone before venturing out for a full day while leaving your pet behind. It will help your pet to adjust to the new home and keep your neighbors from hearing your pet’s displeasure at being left alone.