Nomadic travelers move from place to place or, in the case of digital nomads, engage in remote activities in different regions. There are as many different types of roaming travelers as there are reasons for doing so, but in general a sense of freedom and adventure is embraced. Many choose to follow employment opportunities in various destinations around the world on an ad-hoc basis while others opt for digital nomadic life – working remotely in different locales nationally and internationally. While there is no set definition of a nomadic traveler, the unplanned nature of their activities is the hallmark feature, with many renting out their “home” for the year or 6 months while they travel.

Why choosing CHFR 's Fully Furnished Apartments?

  • Best locations available in Orlando & Miami, FL, with proximity to public transportation;
  • Expedited response times of 2 hours or less;
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4  Bedroom Floor Plans fully furnished and fully equipped apartments with washer, dryer, all appliances, towels and kitchenware, include flat screen TV’s, student / work desks, fresh linens and housewares;
  • All-inclusive pricing includes utilities,smart tvs with streaming, high-speed internet, parking, pest control and maintenance;
  • Wi-fi- Complimentary secured network in each of our apartments;
  • Flexible lease terms; our short-term housing leases start at just 30 days;
  • Cost effectiveness, everything you need included in one bill.


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