Be kind, friendly, and polite.

Avoid looking annoyed when the customer doesn’t like a service. You need to be prepared to deal with adversity in the best way, identifying what went wrong so that it doesn’t happen again next time. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and looking for a quick solution to get around the problem is necessary, always keeping calm and dealing with the matter with agility and friendliness.

Be an agile professional and don’t keep the customer waiting.

Have your work tools all open in your computer, such as: Email, Company website, Trello, Smartsheet, Google Voice to receive and write messages. Become acquainted with the content in the smartsheet. Knowing the SMARTSHEET and always being aware of it, is necessary to avoid unpleasant situations with errors and delays in responding to the customer which can really make a bad impression.

Notice if your Tone of Voice is Assertive

Usually, the person who knows how to use the tone of voice in the "right" way can make it clear what he wants and has the power to convince. Sometimes the tone of voice is more important than the phrase used. For example, the person can say "I can't" with the following tone of voice:

Low, “weak” – this makes you feel insecure, it seems that you are not sure what you are talking about or that you are a new employee in the company, which leads to the customer not having the confidence to make the reservation with you.

Loud, “screaming” – gets aggressive, offensive, making the customer angry. This tone should not be used as it compromises the image of the company leading to the loss of the customer.

Firm, objective, and gentle tone: this is the best tone (it is not shouting or speaking softly). Speak what you want with confidence and empathy. The client loves to deal with people who are sure of themselves, who are professional, but above all, friendly and kind.

How to refer to your customer.

There are clients who are very formal, the housing specialist has to feel when there is a need to call them Mr. or Mrs. Sometimes we also have medical clients who sign their emails that way. In this case, it is very important that you call them Dr. Most of the time we have informal clients, who we can call by their first name, and this way we create a friendly rapport.

Treat everyone the same way and always have a positive attitude.

Avoiding negative words like “no” and “I don’t know” is also important, as customers like honesty and accurate information. Enjoy serving and be passionate about dealing with people, thus exceeding all expectations and providing the customer with good experiences.