What is Trello?

Trello is a project management and team collaboration tool. Think of it as a board with sticky notes.

How does CHFR use Trello?

We have two Trello Boards: Work Planning and Client Booking Process.

After you log into Trello, you’ll start in the Work Planning board.

The Work Planning

The Work Planning board has several lists we used. Each list has cards.

The To Do list has all the tasks that each Assistant must complete.

The In Process list has all the tasks the Assistant is currently working on.

The Done list has all the cards that have been completed.

The Observaciones AM/PM has a card with any news of interest in each shift, that the next shift should know.

CHFR Client Booking Process

The Client Booking Process Trello board has several lists to keep track of prospective tenants.

After every booking, you must follow up with their rental process by following the instructions on the Client Booking Process list.

Provide all information and dates in the client’s Trello card under “description”, so that everyone on the CHFR team can follow up with the documentation during the client’s booking process. Please follow the format of the model below:

– Reservación pagada.
– Notificar fechas de Check in y Check out, cantidad de inquilinos, cantidad de mascotas.
– Envío de Tenant Submission Form.
– DocuSign: envío de Background Check app.
– DocuSign: envío de Lease Agreement.
– Envío de Payment Instructions y Move-In invoice.
– Envío de Check-In instructions, Inventory List y Property Details.
– Si cliente envía cheque, indicar tracking number y posible fecha de llegada del cheque.
– Luego de recibir cada documento del Client Rental Process, agregar a la carpeta específica del cliente en la propiedad.
– Confirmación de check in del cliente.
– Confirmar que el cliente envíe Inventory List durante los primeros 7 días de estadía.
– Confirmar que toda la información se encuentra en la carpeta.

The lists are:

  • Notify Matias of New Booking with Dates
  • Sent Reservation Instructions with Tenant Registration Link
  • Sent Background Check Form to Tenant
  • Lease Agreement Sent to Both Landlord and Tenant
  • Send Move-in Invoice +Payment Instructions to Tenant
  • Send Check-in Instructions + Furnishings Checklist + Property Details to Tenant-> BCC Matias and Mary
  • Client Moves In
  • Take all documents from all tenants (Background Check, Car Registration, Driver’s License, Pet Docs, Lease Agreement, Completed Furnishings Checklist and HOA Packet if applicable) and save them on the drive in the correct folder.
  • Reservation Completed 🙂


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