"Incredible things in the business world are never done by a single person, but by a team."

Working as a team is one of the biggest challenges in the corporate world. At the same time, it is also one of the most valued skills in the job market today. Thus, it is useless to be a very well-prepared professional, who does not work as a team. This is a capacity that fits in with the soft skills necessary for a good relationship with other people and for success within a company.Teamwork is essential to achieve good results, besides a good organizational climate.
How to Define Teamwork?

Teamwork is the effort made together to achieve a common goal. In the case of our company, the mutual goal is to make a reservation. This joint action is what makes it possible to achieve goals and objectives in an assertive, quick, and effective way.
The different views and perspectives of team members are critical for efficient problem-solving. The more diverse the thoughts, the easier it will be to find the best possible solution.
Also, an integrated team provides better quality of life at work and a much more harmonious corporate environment to live in, reducing turnover rates within the company.

Organization and planning

To solve any problem effectively, professionals must be able to develop a master plan that each team member understands, follows, and knows where it takes you. This is a fundamental competence of teamwork. Once everyone agrees with the plan, they will be able to organize their tasks, set deadlines, and orchestrate their efforts towards it.

Respect and tolerance

Having respect for other colleagues does not necessarily mean that we like or agree with them. Respect and tolerance go hand in hand. So, have an open and curious mind to learn from others. People with divergent opinions and experiences, from different origins, ethnicities, religions, or minorities, are what make this planet such a fascinating place to live. Absorb as much diversity as possible and form your opinions a posteriori, without mistakes or prejudices.

Be positive

Reading the tone in written messages is really difficult in totally remote environments. The less time you spend with people, the more an intentionally concise message can sound concise and explosive in temperament.
In remote work environments, everyone must be positive, to the point that it appears that you are being overly positive, even effusive. Otherwise, you risk sounding like an idiot. It is unfortunate, but it is true. So, embrace the exclamation point! Find your favorite emoji. You will need them. 😀

Different countries and time zones

Remember that CHFR has employees from cultures and different countries around the world with different time zones. For this reason, you may not work at the same time as some of your co-workers, but that does not mean that there can be no communication. You should always maintain communication across platforms. Leave notices and the necessary information organized in Trello so that your co-workers can follow what is happening in the company on that specific day.

"Show up" at meetings and be heard

You will take part in video conferencing while working remotely, but sometimes it’s also a good idea to attend optional meetings. Make sure your camera is on, it is very important that during the meetings everyone can see you.