The Smartsheet file includes several other tabs with important information related to our properties and company. To find the Smartsheet file, head to the company’s Google Drive and access the CORPORATE HOUSING FOR RENT folder. Here you can find the Smartsheet Google Sheets file.

Smartsheet Tabs

You can find the tabs at the bottom of the document. The first tab in the file is called “CHFR”.


In this tab, you will find information on our company’s properties. In order of appearance:

  • Subdivision. The name of the condominium.
  • Address. The address to the specific unit.
  • Bed. The amount of bedrooms the property has.
  • Bath. The amount of bathrooms the property has.
  • # Parking. The number of parking spaces the property offers. Each of these have notes detailing what kind of parking it offers.
  • Price. Updated rental prices for the units.
  • Available Date. The date the unit is available for rent.
  • Pets. This column indicates if the property is pet-friendly. Most properties are, but others have a few restrictions. Ask your supervisor for more information and read the notes on each one.
  • Type. We offer two types of properties: Condos and Townhomes (TH).
  • SqFt. The square feet for each property.
  • Minimum Lease. The minimum lease for each property. Most properties allow for a 1-month minimum lease, but others have different requirements.
  • Floor Entry. On what floor of a building is the property located.
  • Website Link. The website link for that specific property in our website.
  • Check-In. The check-in date for a prospective tenant or current tenant.
  • Check-Out. The check-out date for a current tenant.
  • Amenities. The list of amenities a property offers. Some properties do not offer amenities.
  • Owner. The owner of the property.
  • Gate Code. Some properties have a gated entrance. This is the code for those entrances.
  • Lockbox. Properties have a lockbox on the door. This is where the property keys are saved.
  • Current Tenant. The current tenant of the property.
  • Email. The email address for the current tenant or representative.
  • Phone. The phone number for the current tenant or representative.
  • Option to Extend. If the tenant has the option to extend the lease, check the box in the respective column.
  • Security Deposit. This column reflects the amount of security deposit for that unit.
  • Notes. Fill this column with any extra information.


It shows information on the Orlando City Corporate Housing properties.


HOA Info Tab

In this tab, you can find the HOA information for several properties. This is important information to have when registering future tenants or their cars in these properties.

Leads Tab

On this tab, there’s a spreadsheet to add information on possible leads.

Company Accounts Tab

Here you will find the company’s login information on different sites, such as Advertising sites, Social Media, PayPal, Digital Signatures, Gmail, Background Checks, Online Stores, Email Blast, and Trello.

Tow Company Tab

Here you can find the address and phone number for each tow company on each subdivision.

Pros in Orlando Tab

The Professionals in Orlando tab offers information on handyman services, plumbers, electricians, etc., in Orlando.

Pros in Miami Tab

The Professionals in Miami tab offers information on handyman services, plumbers, electricians,etc., in Miami.