CHFR has templates on the PayPal platform for invoices and each invoice template is for a different purpose. 

The templates are for:

  • Reservation Deposit $500
  • Check-in Invoice 
  • Monthly Rent Payment 
  • Security Deposit
  • Realtor Referral Fee

Remember to put always in the “Check-in Invoice”:

– Application Fee
– The property address
– Client name
– Customer Address
– Pet Fee

"One of the things that housing specialists are most confused about when making an invoice is about calculating the prorated rent and this usually ends up hurting the company financially, in addition to reflecting a bad impression on the client."

An easy way to calculate the prorated rent is by doing the following calculation:

The first example “Check-in Invoice”:

The client is checking in and is moving to the unit on January 11th. We always need to count January 11th as the first day because he will sleep on the 11th and also we need to count January 31st. After all, the client sleeps in the unit on January 31st.

Monthly Rental $ 1,900
21 nights ( 1/11-1/31)
$1,900 divided by 30 = 63.4
$63.40(price per night) x 21 (nights) = 1,331.40

The second example “Check out Invoice”:

The client is checking out on January 11th.
Count only the nights that the client sleeps in the unit, in this case, the total will be 10 nights (because the client does not sleep on the 11th)

Monthly Rental $1900
10 Nights (1/1-1/11)
$1900 divided by 30 = 63.40
$63.40(price per night) x 10 (nights) = $634

It is very important to do the invoice carefully and review it before sending it to the customer. Always ask your manager if the invoice is correct before sending it by email.

For more details on how to do an invoice, please see the videos below: