Inbound & Outbound Calls

3 Steps to Get the Most Out of Every Inbound Call
Have your work tools all open in your computer, such as: Email, Company website, Trello, smartsheet, google voice to receive and write messages.

Before starting to receive calls, make sure you’re in a quiet place, you have a working headset and microphone and that Google Voice is up and running. Background noise is extremely distracting and unprofessional. Things like, open windows, television on, noise of people cooking, people or family talking or pets can sound very suspicious to the customer. Please refer to this link to know How to Eliminate Background Noise.
Corporate Housing for Rent has ads in many marketing websites, such as Google Ads, Craigslist, Zillow, Cozy, Sublet, etc.. You may receive phone calls from people interested in our ads in any of these websites.
When talking to potential clients, you’ll work as a filter. You need to understand what kind of property the person’s looking for, when they need to move in and for how long they would like to stay.That will help you find the best rental solution for that person and close the sale. If the person isn’t sure about what they want, offer them a property that fits their needs, according to what they say previously.
Some callers will like to see the property first, if that’s the case, you can schedule a showing appointment. Make sure the property is available for showing first and schedule a visit.
Remember: Always confirm what kind of property the caller needs (how many bedrooms), when they would like to move in and how long they’re planning to stay. Please follow the 3 steps below:

1st step- "INBOUND CALLS"- Client Calling.

Most calls usually last 4 to 7 minutes. You only have that time to convey professionalism, knowledge, trust, and conviction. The customer needs to feel over the phone that you are confident and trustworthy.
Also, they need to note that you are smiling when talking to them on the phone. Kindness must overflow!
This speech also needs to sound natural, relaxed, friendly, and has to include some kind words, such as: How are you doing? How may I help you? Sure! very good! Of course! My pleasure! Anytime!
You need to have the same speech engraved in your mind, which is objective and needs to contain all the important information and be sufficient for the person to decide to make the reservation with you! That’s why we created a simulation of a speech that has worked for years and you must follow it step by step to get the greatest possible result.
Follow these 12 steps so that the client can understand the whole process of how to book the unit:

Corporate Housing for Rent this is Patricia. How may I help you?

-Hi! My name is Andrea and I saw your ad on craigslist.

Hi! Sure! How are you doing?

-Good, Thanks

How many bedrooms were you looking for?

-2 bedrooms

What was the date that you were planning to move in?

-September 5th

How many months are you planning to stay?

-2 month

I have 2 bedrooms available in the Metro west area very close to universal studios. The property is fully furnished with everything you could possibly need! Even the hangers are in the closet! (smile)


The utilities are included in the price (electricity, water, cable, high speed internet) and in order to move in they will charge you: The first month rent A Security deposit for the same amount as your first month rent $150 for an application fee. They will do only a background check. And by the time you move out they will charge $180 for the check out cleaning fee.

Do you have any pets?


Ok They will charge $300 for a pet fee. But this fee is not refundable.

Ok. in order to reserve the unit you will have to pay a $500 dollars that will go towards your security deposit. We will send a PayPal invoice and you can pay through a PayPal or credit card. If you wish, I can send you an email with a link that has all the pictures and the details and information about the property.


What is your email address? If by any reason, you can't understand the email address, please ask to the client: Could you please send me your email address by text message in the same number that you just called me? That way I can not miss any letters.

-Sure, I will! Thank you Patricia!

My pleasure, any time! Bye Bye!


2nd Step- Send an email.

You will find the email template ( Available Corporate Housing – Orlando, FL) in the company’s email draft with all available units.

Remember to confirm the availability of the units, along with the links to the website you will send to the client, and make sure to confirm the entire email template before sending the email.

3rd Step - Send a text message:

You will find the text message template in the company’s email draft. For Example:

Hi Andrea!
As we spoke over the phone, I just sent you an email with some options of 2/2 condos Fully Furnished & Fully Equipped with all utilities included. We have special rates and also Short Term Rent (1-month minimum lease term) or long-term options available.

Please confirm if you received it and please let me know if you have any questions by replying to the email or calling us at 407-490-4201. I will be glad to assist you!