Google Calendar

Corporate Housing for Rent uses Google Calendar to keep track of cleaning dates, check in and check out dates, invoicing date and days off and Holidays.

How to schedule a task:

Scheduling a task is a safe way to be reminded of a date (cleaning, check in, check out, invoicing). Reminders usually move around the calendar until someone marks them as Done or deletes them. Tasks are more permanent.

To schedule a date:

Click on the date you want in the calendar.

On the task manager, input the correct data:

Include a title, a timeframe (or check the All day box if you’re unsure of the exact time), add location (the address of the property or just the name of it), set a notification timeframe, and add a description if you’d like.

Usually the title can be very descriptive, i.g.: “Cleaning Checkout LP1514”.

Click on Save.

Check In date:

Schedule the check in date of a property, as soon as the prospective tenant informs us. New tenants should specify their check-in time.

Check out date:

Schedule the check out date, as soon as the current tenant informs us. All checkouts must be made at or before 11am.

Cleaning date:

First, follow the Cleaning Instructions by setting the cleaning date with the cleaner first.
This should happen 15 days before the check out date.

In the Calendar, two days before the check out date, schedule sending the cleaning checklist (Step #2 – Two Days Before Cleaning).

The day of the check out, schedule two tasks:

Check out of the property at 11am
Cleaning of the property at 11am.