An email without typos, good spelling, grammatically correct, with perfect punctuation, and with an impeccable global image reveals good attributes about who wrote it and also about the company that it represents.

As we think very fast, sometimes the fingers do not keep up with the speed of thought and we end up swallowing some words. These actions can create problems of interpretation, rework, and even compromise your image before the team, leaders, and clients.

Do not expect a client to pay $500 of the reservation deposit to CHFR if he received an email with errors in English, grammar, spelling, or an email with the wrong context or wrong invoice with math errors. This customer has certainly lost all the trust and credibility in the company.


To ensure that you will transmit the best impression to the client, it is extremely important to reread everything that has been written, and take time before clicking anxiously on the “Send” button, in addition to thinking about the following points:


Are there any English or typing errors?
Are there any typos? Is it the same letter font and size?
Does it contain all the necessary information?
Does it contain all necessary and right attachments?
Is the subject of the email specific?

Do things very calmly, don't be in a hurry, haste is the enemy of perfection!

The sender’s typography is also extremely important. If you start your email with a specific letter font and size, you must finish with the same one. There is nothing more anti-professional than the client receiving an email with different fonts and letter sizes. To avoid this, simply select the complete email and choose the font and size before sending the email.

CHFR created email templates for various subjects to make work easier, but they are just templates! For this reason, avoid doing Ctrl C and Ctrl V. Do not expect everything to be 100% correct and the only thing that you have to do is press the send button. The housing specialist must check the template very carefully as a whole, considering the context, property address, customer name, etc.

Know when to use the smiling face. Do not use emojis, only the smiling face

When should I use the smiling face :)? A smiling face gives your customers the impression that you are honest and approachable.
Besides being “eye-catching”, the smiling face emphasizes an important message and injects spirit into your communications in addition to giving an impression of being a kind person. The housing specialist has to feel when it is appropriate to send an email or text message with a smiling face. It would normally be in the second or third contact with the customer.

Finally, pay attention to all the details! If you want to pass on a highly positive image to your client, your email must reflect a high standard of excellence to achieve the results you want! To reach your goal, which is the reservation deposit, it is crucial to write your email with care and love, following all the steps that are in the training content and you will have fantastic results!

For more details on how to write an email, please see the video below: