DocuSign is the webpage we use to send documents that need to be signed by our clients. (It’s different from DocHub. That’s only used to send our Furnishing Checklists.) The documents should be uploaded to DocuSign as a PDF. DocuSign accepts other types of files, such as .DOC, but the content moves around. It’s not static as in a PDF file.

Follow these next steps to start using the site:

  • Go to
  • Press “Log In”
  • Access the site. Username: Pass: forrent2020$

You’ll start on the Home page. Here you can see the Recent Activity and the documents you just sent or are waiting for someone to sign. You can also download completed documents.

To start a New Document, click on the Start Now button.

Next, either drop or upload your file. You can upload several documents at once.

Only click on the “I’m the only signer button” if that’s the case. Click on Next.

On the Add Recipients page, include the signer(s) information. If you have more than one, click on the Add Recipient button and add as many recipients as needed.

NOTE: When creating an envelope for a Lease Agreement or documents that need to be signed by the landlord and the tenant(s), check the Set signing order box.

On the Prepare page, check the dropdown menu on the upper left side. Each recipient will have a color assigned.

Start with the Tenant.

Every document that a tenant needs to sign, needs to have their initials on each page, except for the signature page.

To do this, go to the left side of the page and click on Initial and then on the corners of each page.

On the last page, add the Signature and Date Signed for each signee.

After you add all the needed fields, click on Next.

On the Review and Send page, review the fields below and hit Send.

(On the Email Message, you can add a generic message, such as:


Dear Landlord and Tenant,

Please, carefully review and electronically sign the attached lease agreement.

Kind regards,

Corporate Housing for Rent