Demanding, Aggressive and Complaining Customer

They treat the representative with superiority, they ask for special favors, they are difficult to deal with. Prepotency is the main emotional characteristic of the demanding customer. It starts by criticizing the company or pointing out various defects in the property. This client always ends up making absurd demands. Speak loud and fast, try to confuse you, test your competence, your company, and your patience.


Always remember that the dissatisfied, nervous, uncontrolled customers are the ones that most provide us with the MOST LEARNING. We also call these clients "TEACHERS" because they are the ones we learn the most from, we also get a lot of experience with them in solving various types of situations and problems that do not happen daily.


Treat them with the same respect as any other customer, focus on their needs, not their manners. Their requirements are, in fact, their needs, think of them as such and you will be able to respond with more positivity. Ignore some points that have nothing to do with the issue; ask them why they feel that way about the point of disagreement.


To deal with this type of client, do not interrupt their speech, let them release their anger.
Never ask if they’re nervous, it will make them angrier.
Use phrases that help to calm them down:
“I imagine how you are feeling ma’am/ sir”
“I will do everything to solve the problem”


Show respect, don’t use intimacy, show cooperation, don’t give in too much so as not to permanently justify your company.
As soon as the conversation with the client is over, call your manager and explain the situation to solve the problem.