Step by Step - Set Cleaning Appts

Corporate Housing for Rent has a Housekeeping team that is in charge of Housekeeping and Cleaning.

Cleaning appointments are scheduled through the CHFR Housekeeping Whatsapp Groups (HWG).

There is a HWG for each housekeeper:

How to set a checkout cleaning appointment:

Check with your supervisor which housekeeper will be assigned to that cleaning.
Once you’ve checked the dates, head to that property’s folder in CHFR’s Drive.
Head to the 6th step: Cleaning instructions.
In the Cleaning Instructions folder, choose the housekeeper that will do the cleaning.
In the housekeeper’s folder, you’ll find two folders: Step #1 and Step #2.
In Step #1, Fifteen Days Before the Cleaning, you’ll find the Cleaning Instructions for the housekeeper.
Review the words in red, make the necessary changes, and copy/paste it to the HWG.
Make sure the housekeeper confirms the cleaning appointment.
Two days before the cleaning, head to the Step #2, Two Days Before Cleaning.
Send the Cleaning List, shower stall instructions (if applicable) and Cleaning Checklist for cleaning items to the housekeepers.
Lastly, send them the photos of the property. This will give them a visual cue on how the property must look after the cleaning.