Corporate Housing for Rent uses several online resources to showcase our properties. These sites include, but are not limited to, Craigslist, Sublet, RentLinx,, and Furnished Finder. Each site has their own rules and regulations.

You can post properties for free and prospective tenants can apply through the site. However, we must approach the people that applied through and continue or finish the sale through our own channels and application process.

You need to use a VPN before entering the site. connects with Cozy.

Our current plan on Rentlinx only allows for four properties at the same time. You can activate or deactivate properties as needed.

Through Rentlinx, our properties are also shown on several classified sites. Prospective tenants can send us messages from other sites, through Rentlinx. These messages are also sent to our company’s email address.


Sublet allows you to publish as many properties as you’d like, but offers Premium plans for a fee. These Premium plans show the property to a broader audience, has access to a Tenants Database and Premium Hits (important prospective tenants).

Every 60 days, we negotiate a Premium plan of 60 days Premium for all 15 properties and access to Tenants Database. (Check Company Accounts Sheet for more details.)

Furnished Finder

This site showcases furnished properties only, as its name states. Most of its clients are travel medical staff looking for short-term furnished housing.

This site charges a fee for each ad. Also, it encourages you to add the medical facilities closest to each of your properties.

The site offers Tenant Leads (Housing Inquiries and Booking Requests) and direct messages through the site.


Craigslist is a popular classified site in the USA.

Check the Craigslist Sheet to see all the accounts used to post ads.

You need to use a VPN before entering the site.

For properties in Orlando, use Orlando’s VPN. For Miami’s properties, use Miami’s VPN.

Use titles that have related and popular keywords (pet-friendly, short-term, furnished, etc.)

Descriptions should also include a few of these related keywords. Don’t overdo it because the algorithm will detect it and flag it. Flagged ads are later removed by the site’s mods.

Creating several ads in a short period of time can be seen as spamming and mods will flag the ads for removal.

These are just suggestions for this site and proceed at your discretion.